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July 15, 2020
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July 15, 2020 Colin Richardson

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Sponsorship Success is excited to team up with Pentanet.GG, Perth’s professional Esports team.

With a focus on sponsorship strategy and acquisition, this partnership will see Sponsorship Success work closely with Pentanet.GG’s existing commercial team already making a splash in the Australian Esports scene.

Founded in 2019, Pentanet.GG is Perth’s first League of Legends team competing in the Oceanic Premier League (OPL), Australia’s professional league by Riot Games.

Pentanet.GG is backed by Western Australia’s own telecommunications provider, Pentanet, who are passionate about superfast internet and amazing local service.

Delivering high-speed fixed wireless internet, NBN fibre and LBN (local broadband network) services, Pentanet proudly power WA with superfast internet solutions to suit any home, family, business or enterprise.

Active in the gaming scene for some time, Team Pentanet have a passion for gaming and are proud supporters of the Perth tech and gaming communities.

Pentanet founder and Managing Director, Stephen Cornish, started the company from frustrations of his own internet experience as a gamer. Instead of complaining about the poor internet options in Perth, he took action to build a private network for deliver better internet for the people of WA.

"Pentanet was born out of a need for better and faster internet in Perth. The Perth gaming community knows that internet performance is something we value as much as they do, with the goal to keep delivering top speeds, low latency and peering with game servers. Being able to help grow the professional gaming scene in Perth is something we are passionate about."

Sponsorship Success founder, Colin Richardson, has been following Esports for some time and is excited to share the benefits of this emerging professional sport with the Perth and Australian business community.

"Esports is an exciting space that is relatively untouched by non-endemic brands. There is a real opportunity for early adopters to reach an elusive demographic of the tech savvy Gen Z."

The Esports industry has found itself in a unique position as one of the few sports to have its competition uninterrupted by COVID-19 which has sent traditional stadium based sports into upheaval.

If you represent a brand that targets a Gen Z demographic, the emerging world of Esports is likely on your radar in some capacity.

You can learn more about Gaming and Esports on our blog, Esports 101: What is Esports? or about Esports broadcasting platform of choice, Twitch (Esports: What is Twitch?).

With any sponsorship, it is important to ensure that it is the right fit for your brand. Sponsorship Success is founded on the purpose to connect people, brands and experiences, so we see ourselves as a vehicle to help brands understand if Esports is the right fit for them before taking the plunge.
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